Monday, March 5, 2012

Food! And other things. But mostly, FOOD!

So, lots of changes lately. Decisions made, and new questions to consider. Some updates:

First! Our porch is now the lucky home of several new plants. Edible ones. I figure if I can't have a garden in the ground, I'll have a garden in containers! We have three different lettuces, two strawberry plants (from which we ate our first home-grown strawberry today), mint, rosemary, arugula, yellow bell pepper, cucumber, and cherry tomato. My porch is a very, very happy place now.

Some sad, neglected house plants, and the new edible plants prior to their transplant into bigger terra-cotta pots.

Better pictures to come, I promise. I might even load pictures from my actual camera, rather than my poor quality phone camera.

Second! While the new lovely edibles are busy photosynthesizing, growing, cellularly respiring, etc., we have found  some new sources for fresh, ethical, more local, real food. This really awesome place is our new favorite place for produce! So hard to find a decent farm in the middle of sprawling Pinellas county, but here one is! And look at what we got!

That's right, fresh, hand-picked broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, collard greens, strawberries and a tomato!
Third! We've decided to rid our home and lives of as much plastic as possible. Mainly this is because there are hundreds of thousands of chemicals that make the plastic that is so pervasive, and we only know about a very small handful of them. And those one we do know about are pretty much horrible. Plus, plastic goes hand-in-hand with this disposable culture, and since we're trying to get away from all that nasty consumption and garbage, it's only logical to start phasing out plastic.

Fourth! I'm 90% sure at this point that I am going to sell my car. I'm really tired of driving around a planet-killing zombie machine. I'd much rather ride a bicycle. I'm in the process of researching bikes and such, and trying to figure out the right timing (and that whole money thing) to do it.

I would post beautiful pictures of us at Indian Rocks Beach the other day, but the camera is completely dead. I need to charge it, and then I'll post pictures.

Love to you.

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  1. We've just been recently informed about First Fruits and can't wait to check them out. I love their setup and I think that I may try that approach when I get around to starting my garden (hopefully soon). When I tried planting in the ground, I had a lot of problems. Homegrown fruits and veggies are the best!

    Good luck on commuting by bike. You're a lot braver than I. I also respect how you are actively making a change in your life and trying to live in a way that fits your personal values.